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Planet Overview

15,000 light years away from Earth, the planet of Namikoru is located near the Shotoku star. A planet day lasts 27 hours and a year lasts for 452 days. Namikoru has a radius of 2,867 km in radius, which is 55% smaller than the radius of the Earth. The number of days in a year means that the rotation of the planet is 24% slower than that of planet Earth. The planet is 2,045 years old, but the first civilizations were settled in the early 500s, and around 30 years after Earth colonists appeared. This early appearance of humans is due to Earth scientists part of the Arcane company. They  colonized the planet and made this an experiment to recreate the history of early Japan. Scientists, led by Dr. Carter, began the experiment in order to fill in gaps in Japanese history, and with the help of Japanese information that they previously had, they managed to recreate the conditions.


The planet currently resembles the times of ancient Japan around the 1500s when regions were ruled by samurai or shoguns. These shoguns wear their armor for multiple reasons; for protection in battle, but also to manage to stay grounded on the planet surface since the gravity in the planet is of 0.4 g. Shoguns have the duty to defend their land from other shoguns or invaders. The planet is currently divided into different regions conquered by the different factions, but the ruling faction is currently the Shimada faction who passes down their territory to family descendants and not the fittest military leader.

The Conference


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